Unisoft xml export definitions specifications

The Unisoft software can import all types of CAD and Gerber files and export out various CAD or CAD type format such as GENCAD, IPC-2581, Fabmaster FATF, IPC-D-356, MENTOR Neutral, PADS Ascii, Unisoft .xml format, Unisoft .FBA format, XY center & rotation, etc.

The standardized file in .xml format exported from the Unisoft software is used by production equipment vendors, customers and other software systems that import this format into their environment.

This allows manufacturing equipment vendors, our customers or other software systems to import the multitude of ever changing and new CAD and Gerber systems on the market via the Unisoft software and export out a single standardized .xml file that they then import into their equipment or software system.

So the benefit is having to import only a single simple .xml format by having the Unisoft software support the multitude of ever changing and new CAD and Gerber systems.

The .xml file exported normally contains component reference designator names, pin numbers, part numbers, netlists, net names, trace runs, pin x/y, via x/y, board layers, device type SMD/THD, board outline, via type standard / buried / blind-accessible-top / blind-accessible-bottom, etc.

Below are the Unisoft xml definitions and a sample exported xml file.

Unisoft xml Definitions


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<unisoft version=”3.0” units=”inches|mils”>
     <board name=”<name>” width=”<width>” 
                <mark [component=”<component-name>”]  
                 pin=”<pin-name>” layer=”<layer-name>”  
                 type=”BOARD|REF1|REF2” x=”<x>” y=”<y>”/>
                <line x1=”<x>” y1=”<y>” x2=”<x>” y2=”<y>”/>
          <layer name=”<name>” top=”true|false
           bottom=”true|false” sequence=”<sequence>”/>
          <net name=”<name>”/>
          <component name=”<refdes>” x=”<x>” y=”<y>”
           devicetype=”SMD|THD” partno=”<part-number>”
                    <line x1=”<x>” y1=”<y>” x2=”<x>”
          <pin name=”<name>” x=”<x>” y=”<y>”
           [net=”<net-name>”] [pin1=”true|false”]
          <trace x1=”<x>” y1=”<y>” x2=”<x>” y2=”<y>”
           net=”<net-name>” layer=”<layer-name>”


Below is a sample .xml file of a small PCB assembly / PCBA with approximately 25 components.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<unisoft version="2.0" units="mils">
<board name="C:\1-A-DEMO-SETUP-FOR-PRONTO-6-09\DATA-FILES\SAMPLE_PADS.ASC" width="3375" height="3125">
<line x1="0" y1="0" x2="0" y2="2125"/>
<line x1="0" y1="2125" x2="2375" y2="2125"/>
<line x1="2375" y1="2125" x2="2375" y2="0"/>
<line x1="2375" y1="0" x2="0" y2="0"/>
<layer name="TOP" top="true" bottom="false" sequence="1"/>
<layer name="BOTTOM" top="false" bottom="true" sequence="2"/>
<net name="VMAMP-_1"/>
<net name="VDAMP-_1"/>
<net name="VMEAS+_1"/>
<net name="IMAMPG+_1"/>
<net name="IMAMPG-_1"/>
<net name="IMEAS+_1"/>
<net name="IDAMPG-_1"/>
<net name="IDAMPG+_1"/>
<net name="EEP1_1"/>
<net name="EEP2_1"/>
<net name="EEP4_1"/>
<net name="A+5VR_1"/>
<net name="VMAMP+_1"/>
<net name="VDAMP+_1"/>
<net name="***000001"/>
<net name="FAULT*_1"/>
<net name="B15VR_1"/>
<net name="IMEAS-_1"/>
<net name="VMAMPO_1"/>
<net name="VDAMPO_1"/>
<net name="IDAMP+_1"/>
<net name="IDAMP-_1"/>
<net name="IMAMP-_1"/>
<net name="IDACO+_1"/>
<net name="VDACO+_1"/>
<net name="IMAMP+_1"/>
<net name="VAMP+_1"/>
<net name="VDOUT_1"/>
<net name="IDOUT_1"/>
<net name="EEP3_1"/>
<net name="A+5V_1"/>
<net name="A15VR_1"/>
<net name="C15VR_1"/>
<net name="IAMP+_1"/>
<net name="$$$5798"/>
<component name="R14" x="1750" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7040" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1719" y1="2031" x2="1781" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="1781" y1="2031" x2="1781" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1781" y1="1469" x2="1719" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1719" y1="1469" x2="1719" y2="2031"/>
<component name="D3" x="2050" y="550" devicetype="SMD" partno="4800-3005" layer="TOP">
<line x1="2019" y1="631" x2="2081" y2="631"/>
<line x1="2081" y1="631" x2="2081" y2="469"/>
<line x1="2081" y1="469" x2="2019" y2="469"/>
<line x1="2019" y1="469" x2="2019" y2="631"/>
<component name="11" x="2250" y="125" devicetype="THD" partno="MTHOLE1" layer="TOP">
<line x1="2219" y1="156" x2="2281" y2="156"/>
<line x1="2281" y1="156" x2="2281" y2="94"/>
<line x1="2281" y1="94" x2="2219" y2="94"/>
<line x1="2219" y1="94" x2="2219" y2="156"/>
<component name="R1" x="1650" y="1050" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0061" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1619" y1="1331" x2="1681" y2="1331"/>
<line x1="1681" y1="1331" x2="1681" y2="769"/>
<line x1="1681" y1="769" x2="1619" y2="769"/>
<line x1="1619" y1="769" x2="1619" y2="1331"/>
<component name="R15" x="1250" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7040" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1219" y1="2031" x2="1281" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="1281" y1="2031" x2="1281" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1281" y1="1469" x2="1219" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1219" y1="1469" x2="1219" y2="2031"/>
<component name="R2" x="900" y="400" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0073" layer="TOP">
<line x1="619" y1="431" x2="1181" y2="431"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="431" x2="1181" y2="369"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="369" x2="1119" y2="369"/>
<line x1="1119" y1="369" x2="619" y2="431"/>
<component name="R16" x="900" y="100" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7031" layer="TOP">
<line x1="619" y1="131" x2="1181" y2="131"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="131" x2="1181" y2="69"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="69" x2="1119" y2="69"/>
<line x1="1119" y1="69" x2="619" y2="131"/>
<component name="RN1" x="1350" y="900" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7203" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1119" y1="931" x2="1581" y2="931"/>
<line x1="1581" y1="931" x2="1581" y2="869"/>
<line x1="1581" y1="869" x2="1519" y2="869"/>
<line x1="1519" y1="869" x2="1119" y2="931"/>
<component name="13" x="-500" y="-500" devicetype="SMD" partno="MOIRE" layer="BOTTOM">
<line x1="-531" y1="-469" x2="-469" y2="-469"/>
<line x1="-469" y1="-469" x2="-469" y2="-531"/>
<line x1="-469" y1="-531" x2="-531" y2="-531"/>
<line x1="-531" y1="-531" x2="-531" y2="-469"/>
<component name="P1" x="250" y="1050" devicetype="THD" partno="2100-2610" layer="BOTTOM">
<line x1="69" y1="2031" x2="431" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="431" y1="2031" x2="431" y2="69"/>
<line x1="431" y1="69" x2="369" y2="69"/>
<line x1="369" y1="69" x2="69" y2="2031"/>
<component name="R3" x="1950" y="1050" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0073" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1919" y1="1331" x2="1981" y2="1331"/>
<line x1="1981" y1="1331" x2="1981" y2="769"/>
<line x1="1981" y1="769" x2="1919" y2="769"/>
<line x1="1919" y1="769" x2="1919" y2="1331"/>
<component name="R17" x="750" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7028" layer="TOP">
<line x1="719" y1="2031" x2="781" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="781" y1="2031" x2="781" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="781" y1="1469" x2="719" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="719" y1="1469" x2="719" y2="2031"/>
<component name="R4" x="900" y="700" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0073" layer="TOP">
<line x1="619" y1="731" x2="1181" y2="731"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="731" x2="1181" y2="669"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="669" x2="1119" y2="669"/>
<line x1="1119" y1="669" x2="619" y2="731"/>
<component name="R18" x="950" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7028" layer="TOP">
<line x1="919" y1="2031" x2="981" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="981" y1="2031" x2="981" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="981" y1="1469" x2="919" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="919" y1="1469" x2="919" y2="2031"/>
<component name="15" x="-500" y="2625" devicetype="SMD" partno="MOIRE" layer="BOTTOM">
<line x1="-531" y1="2656" x2="-469" y2="2656"/>
<line x1="-469" y1="2656" x2="-469" y2="2594"/>
<line x1="-469" y1="2594" x2="-531" y2="2594"/>
<line x1="-531" y1="2594" x2="-531" y2="2656"/>
<component name="R5" x="2150" y="1050" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0073" layer="TOP">
<line x1="2119" y1="1331" x2="2181" y2="1331"/>
<line x1="2181" y1="1331" x2="2181" y2="769"/>
<line x1="2181" y1="769" x2="2119" y2="769"/>
<line x1="2119" y1="769" x2="2119" y2="1331"/>
<component name="R19" x="1600" y="100" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7024" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1319" y1="131" x2="1881" y2="131"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="131" x2="1881" y2="69"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="69" x2="1819" y2="69"/>
<line x1="1819" y1="69" x2="1319" y2="131"/>
<component name="R6" x="900" y="600" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0073" layer="TOP">
<line x1="619" y1="631" x2="1181" y2="631"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="631" x2="1181" y2="569"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="569" x2="1119" y2="569"/>
<line x1="1119" y1="569" x2="619" y2="631"/>
<component name="17" x="2875" y="2625" devicetype="SMD" partno="MOIRE" layer="BOTTOM">
<line x1="2844" y1="2656" x2="2906" y2="2656"/>
<line x1="2906" y1="2656" x2="2906" y2="2594"/>
<line x1="2906" y1="2594" x2="2844" y2="2594"/>
<line x1="2844" y1="2594" x2="2844" y2="2656"/>
<component name="R7" x="1850" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0169" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1819" y1="2031" x2="1881" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="2031" x2="1881" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="1469" x2="1819" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1819" y1="1469" x2="1819" y2="2031"/>
<component name="R8" x="1850" y="1050" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0169" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1819" y1="1331" x2="1881" y2="1331"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="1331" x2="1881" y2="769"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="769" x2="1819" y2="769"/>
<line x1="1819" y1="769" x2="1819" y2="1331"/>
<component name="R9" x="2250" y="1050" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0169" layer="TOP">
<line x1="2219" y1="1331" x2="2281" y2="1331"/>
<line x1="2281" y1="1331" x2="2281" y2="769"/>
<line x1="2281" y1="769" x2="2219" y2="769"/>
<line x1="2219" y1="769" x2="2219" y2="1331"/>
<component name="R20" x="1650" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7070" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1619" y1="2031" x2="1681" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="1681" y1="2031" x2="1681" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1681" y1="1469" x2="1619" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1619" y1="1469" x2="1619" y2="2031"/>
<component name="R16A" x="900" y="200" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7031" layer="TOP">
<line x1="619" y1="231" x2="1181" y2="231"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="231" x2="1181" y2="169"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="169" x2="1119" y2="169"/>
<line x1="1119" y1="169" x2="619" y2="231"/>
<component name="R10" x="1600" y="400" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0169" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1319" y1="431" x2="1881" y2="431"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="431" x2="1881" y2="369"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="369" x2="1819" y2="369"/>
<line x1="1819" y1="369" x2="1319" y2="431"/>
<component name="R21" x="1150" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7070" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1119" y1="2031" x2="1181" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="2031" x2="1181" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1181" y1="1469" x2="1119" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1119" y1="1469" x2="1119" y2="2031"/>
<component name="R11" x="1950" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7300" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1919" y1="2031" x2="1981" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="1981" y1="2031" x2="1981" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1981" y1="1469" x2="1919" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1919" y1="1469" x2="1919" y2="2031"/>
<component name="U1" x="1300" y="1150" devicetype="THD" partno="3130-3026" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1119" y1="1331" x2="1481" y2="1331"/>
<line x1="1481" y1="1331" x2="1481" y2="969"/>
<line x1="1481" y1="969" x2="1419" y2="969"/>
<line x1="1419" y1="969" x2="1119" y2="1331"/>
<component name="R12" x="1350" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-0169" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1319" y1="2031" x2="1381" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="1381" y1="2031" x2="1381" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1381" y1="1469" x2="1319" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1319" y1="1469" x2="1319" y2="2031"/>
<component name="D1" x="1600" y="200" devicetype="THD" partno="4800-1010" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1319" y1="231" x2="1881" y2="231"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="231" x2="1881" y2="169"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="169" x2="1819" y2="169"/>
<line x1="1819" y1="169" x2="1319" y2="231"/>
<component name="R13" x="1450" y="1750" devicetype="THD" partno="4700-7300" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1419" y1="2031" x2="1481" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="1481" y1="2031" x2="1481" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1481" y1="1469" x2="1419" y2="1469"/>
<line x1="1419" y1="1469" x2="1419" y2="2031"/>
<component name="D2" x="1600" y="500" devicetype="THD" partno="4800-1010" layer="TOP">
<line x1="1319" y1="531" x2="1881" y2="531"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="531" x2="1881" y2="469"/>
<line x1="1881" y1="469" x2="1819" y2="469"/>
<line x1="1819" y1="469" x2="1319" y2="531"/>
<component name="10" x="2250" y="2000" devicetype="THD" partno="MTHOLE1" layer="TOP">
<line x1="2219" y1="2031" x2="2281" y2="2031"/>
<line x1="2281" y1="2031" x2="2281" y2="1969"/>
<line x1="2281" y1="1969" x2="2219" y2="1969"/>
<line x1="2219" y1="1969" x2="2219" y2="2031"/>
<pin name="1" x="1650" y="600" via="true" net="***000001"/>
<pin name="2" x="950" y="1750" via="true" net="IMAMPG+_1"/>
<pin name="3" x="1050" y="1925" via="true" net="VDAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="4" x="1100" y="1150" via="true" net="EEP1_1"/>
<pin name="5" x="700" y="850" via="true" net="EEP2_1"/>
<pin name="6" x="700" y="1250" via="true" net="EEP2_1"/>
<pin name="7" x="500" y="1300" via="true" net="A+5VR_1"/>
<pin name="8" x="2050" y="1800" via="true" net="IMAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="9" x="1000" y="1450" via="true" net="A15VR_1"/>
<pin name="10" x="1000" y="950" via="true" net="A15VR_1"/>
<pin name="11" x="650" y="1600" via="true" net="IMAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="12" x="750" y="650" via="true" net="IMAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="13" x="550" y="1600" via="true" net="IDAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="14" x="650" y="1700" via="true" net="VMAMPO_1"/>
<pin name="15" x="1450" y="1700" via="true" net="VMAMPO_1"/>
<pin name="16" x="750" y="800" via="true" net="EEP3_1"/>
<pin name="17" x="750" y="1150" via="true" net="EEP3_1"/>
<pin name="18" x="1000" y="350" via="true" net="C15VR_1"/>
<pin name="19" x="1000" y="600" via="true" net="C15VR_1"/>
<pin name="20" x="1000" y="350" via="true" net="C15VR_1"/>
<pin name="21" x="950" y="200" via="true" net="IAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="2250" y="2000" component="10" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="1" x="2250" y="125" component="11" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="1" x="-500" y="-500" component="13" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="1" x="-500" y="2625" component="15" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="1" x="2875" y="2625" component="17" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="1" x="1350" y="200" component="D1" net="$$$5798" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1850" y="200" component="D1" net="C15VR_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1350" y="500" component="D2" net="VAMP+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1850" y="500" component="D2" net="B15VR_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="2050" y="500" component="D3" net="FAULT*_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="2050" y="600" component="D3" net="***000001"/>
<pin name="A1" x="200" y="1800" component="P1" net="IMAMPG-_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="A10" x="200" y="900" component="P1"/>
<pin name="A11" x="200" y="800" component="P1"/>
<pin name="A12" x="200" y="700" component="P1" net="VMEAS+_1"/>
<pin name="A13" x="200" y="600" component="P1" net="VAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="A14" x="200" y="500" component="P1" net="VDOUT_1"/>
<pin name="A15" x="200" y="400" component="P1"/>
<pin name="A16" x="200" y="300" component="P1" net="IDOUT_1"/>
<pin name="A2" x="200" y="1700" component="P1" net="IMAMPG+_1"/>
<pin name="A3" x="200" y="1600" component="P1" net="IDAMPG-_1"/>
<pin name="A4" x="200" y="1500" component="P1" net="IDAMPG+_1"/>
<pin name="A5" x="200" y="1400" component="P1" net="VDAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="A6" x="200" y="1300" component="P1" net="VMAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="A7" x="200" y="1200" component="P1" net="EEP1_1"/>
<pin name="A8" x="200" y="1100" component="P1" net="EEP4_1"/>
<pin name="A9" x="200" y="1000" component="P1" net="FAULT*_1"/>
<pin name="B1" x="300" y="1800" component="P1" net="IMAMPG-_1"/>
<pin name="B10" x="300" y="900" component="P1"/>
<pin name="B11" x="300" y="800" component="P1" net="IMEAS+_1"/>
<pin name="B12" x="300" y="700" component="P1"/>
<pin name="B13" x="300" y="600" component="P1" net="VDACO+_1"/>
<pin name="B14" x="300" y="500" component="P1"/>
<pin name="B15" x="300" y="400" component="P1" net="IAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="B16" x="300" y="300" component="P1" net="IDACO+_1"/>
<pin name="B2" x="300" y="1700" component="P1" net="IMAMPG+_1"/>
<pin name="B3" x="300" y="1600" component="P1" net="IDAMPG-_1"/>
<pin name="B4" x="300" y="1500" component="P1" net="IDAMPG+_1"/>
<pin name="B5" x="300" y="1400" component="P1" net="VDAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="B6" x="300" y="1300" component="P1" net="VMAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="B7" x="300" y="1200" component="P1" net="EEP2_1"/>
<pin name="B8" x="300" y="1100" component="P1" net="A+5VR_1"/>
<pin name="B9" x="300" y="1000" component="P1" net="A+5VR_1"/>
<pin name="C1" x="400" y="1800" component="P1" net="IMAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="C10" x="400" y="900" component="P1"/>
<pin name="C11" x="400" y="800" component="P1" net="IMEAS-_1"/>
<pin name="C12" x="400" y="700" component="P1"/>
<pin name="C13" x="400" y="600" component="P1" net="B15VR_1"/>
<pin name="C14" x="400" y="500" component="P1"/>
<pin name="C15" x="400" y="400" component="P1"/>
<pin name="C16" x="400" y="300" component="P1" net="C15VR_1"/>
<pin name="C2" x="400" y="1700" component="P1" net="IMAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="C3" x="400" y="1600" component="P1" net="IDAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="C4" x="400" y="1500" component="P1" net="IDAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="C5" x="400" y="1400" component="P1" net="VDAMPO_1"/>
<pin name="C6" x="400" y="1300" component="P1" net="VMAMPO_1"/>
<pin name="C7" x="400" y="1200" component="P1" net="EEP3_1"/>
<pin name="C8" x="400" y="1100" component="P1" net="A+5V_1"/>
<pin name="C9" x="400" y="1000" component="P1" net="A15VR_1"/>
<pin name="MH1" x="100" y="100" component="P1"/>
<pin name="MH2" x="100" y="2000" component="P1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1650" y="1300" component="R1" net="A+5V_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1650" y="800" component="R1" net="***000001"/>
<pin name="1" x="650" y="400" component="R2" net="VDOUT_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1150" y="400" component="R2" net="VAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1950" y="800" component="R3" net="IMEAS+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1950" y="1300" component="R3" net="IMAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="650" y="700" component="R4" net="IMEAS-_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1150" y="700" component="R4" net="IMAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="2150" y="800" component="R5" net="IDACO+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="2150" y="1300" component="R5" net="IDAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1150" y="600" component="R6" net="C15VR_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="650" y="600" component="R6" net="IDAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1850" y="1500" component="R7" net="A15VR_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1850" y="2000" component="R7" net="VDAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1850" y="800" component="R8" net="IMAMP+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1850" y="1300" component="R8" net="A15VR_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="2250" y="1300" component="R9" net="IDAMP+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="2250" y="800" component="R9" net="A15VR_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1850" y="400" component="R10" net="B15VR_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1350" y="400" component="R10" net="VAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1950" y="2000" component="R11" net="VDAMP-_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1950" y="1500" component="R11" net="VDAMPO_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1350" y="1500" component="R12" net="A15VR_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1350" y="2000" component="R12" net="VMAMP-_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1450" y="2000" component="R13" net="VMAMP-_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1450" y="1500" component="R13" net="VMAMPO_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1750" y="2000" component="R14" net="VDAMP+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1750" y="1500" component="R14" net="A15VR_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1250" y="2000" component="R15" net="VMAMP+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1250" y="1500" component="R15" net="A15VR_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="650" y="100" component="R16" net="IDOUT_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1150" y="200" component="R16A" net="$$$5798"/>
<pin name="1" x="750" y="1500" component="R17" net="IDAMPG+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="750" y="2000" component="R17" net="IDAMPG-_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="950" y="1500" component="R18" net="IMAMPG+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="950" y="2000" component="R18" net="IMAMPG-_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1850" y="100" component="R19" net="C15VR_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1350" y="100" component="R19" net="IAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1650" y="1500" component="R20" net="VDACO+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1650" y="2000" component="R20" net="VDAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1150" y="1500" component="R21" net="VMEAS+_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1150" y="2000" component="R21" net="VMAMP+_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1550" y="900" component="RN1" net="A+5VR_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1450" y="900" component="RN1" net="EEP4_1"/>
<pin name="3" x="1350" y="900" component="RN1" net="EEP3_1"/>
<pin name="4" x="1250" y="900" component="RN1" net="EEP2_1"/>
<pin name="5" x="1150" y="900" component="RN1" net="EEP1_1"/>
<pin name="1" x="1150" y="1000" component="U1" net="EEP1_1" pin1="true"/>
<pin name="2" x="1250" y="1000" component="U1" net="EEP2_1"/>
<pin name="3" x="1350" y="1000" component="U1" net="EEP3_1"/>
<pin name="4" x="1450" y="1000" component="U1" net="EEP4_1"/>
<pin name="5" x="1450" y="1300" component="U1" net="A+5VR_1"/>
<pin name="6" x="1350" y="1300" component="U1"/>
<pin name="7" x="1250" y="1300" component="U1"/>
<pin name="8" x="1150" y="1300" component="U1" net="A+5V_1"/>
<trace x1="1650" y1="800" x2="1650" y2="600" net="***000001" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="950" y1="1750" x2="950" y2="1500" net="IMAMPG+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1050" y1="1925" x2="225" y2="1925" net="VDAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="225" y1="1925" x2="125" y2="1825" net="VDAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="125" y1="1825" x2="125" y2="1400" net="VDAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="125" y1="1400" x2="200" y2="1400" net="VDAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="2000" x2="1850" y2="1800" net="VDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="1800" x2="475" y2="1800" net="VDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="1800" x2="475" y2="1750" net="VDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="1750" x2="350" y2="1750" net="VDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="1750" x2="350" y2="1450" net="VDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="1450" x2="300" y2="1400" net="VDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="2000" x2="1150" y2="2075" net="VMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="2075" x2="300" y2="2075" net="VMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="2075" x2="75" y2="1850" net="VMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="75" y1="1850" x2="75" y2="1300" net="VMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="75" y1="1300" x2="200" y2="1300" net="VMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="2000" x2="1350" y2="1875" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="1875" x2="1100" y2="1875" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1100" y1="1875" x2="1100" y2="1850" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1100" y1="1850" x2="1000" y2="1850" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1000" y1="1850" x2="1000" y2="1875" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1000" y1="1875" x2="250" y2="1875" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="250" y1="1875" x2="250" y2="1350" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="250" y1="1350" x2="300" y2="1300" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="1000" x2="1150" y2="900" net="EEP1_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="900" x2="1100" y2="900" net="EEP1_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1100" y1="900" x2="1100" y2="1150" net="EEP1_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1250" y1="1000" x2="1250" y2="900" net="EEP2_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="700" y1="850" x2="700" y2="1250" net="EEP2_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1450" y1="1000" x2="1450" y2="900" net="EEP4_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1550" y1="900" x2="1550" y2="1100" net="A+5VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1550" y1="1100" x2="1450" y2="1100" net="A+5VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1450" y1="1100" x2="1450" y2="1300" net="A+5VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="1100" x2="350" y2="1100" net="A+5VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="1100" x2="350" y2="1050" net="A+5VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="1050" x2="500" y2="1050" net="A+5VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="500" y1="1050" x2="500" y2="1300" net="A+5VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="1000" x2="300" y2="1100" net="A+5VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="1000" x2="100" y2="1000" net="FAULT*_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="100" y1="1000" x2="100" y2="200" net="FAULT*_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="100" y1="200" x2="200" y2="200" net="FAULT*_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="200" x2="200" y2="25" net="FAULT*_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="25" x2="2050" y2="25" net="FAULT*_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="2050" y1="25" x2="2050" y2="500" net="FAULT*_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="700" x2="250" y2="650" net="VMEAS+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="250" y1="650" x2="475" y2="650" net="VMEAS+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="650" x2="600" y2="525" net="VMEAS+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="600" y1="525" x2="900" y2="525" net="VMEAS+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="900" y1="525" x2="900" y2="750" net="VMEAS+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="900" y1="750" x2="1050" y2="750" net="VMEAS+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1050" y1="750" x2="1050" y2="1500" net="VMEAS+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1050" y1="1500" x2="1150" y2="1500" net="VMEAS+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="500" x2="1350" y2="400" net="VAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="600" x2="350" y2="550" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="550" x2="450" y2="550" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="450" y1="550" x2="525" y2="475" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="525" y1="475" x2="900" y2="475" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="900" y1="475" x2="900" y2="300" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="900" y1="300" x2="1750" y2="300" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="300" x2="1750" y2="1400" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="1400" x2="1650" y2="1400" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1650" y1="1400" x2="1650" y2="1500" net="VDACO+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1950" y1="1300" x2="1950" y2="1050" net="IMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1950" y1="1050" x2="1850" y2="1050" net="IMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="1050" x2="1850" y2="800" net="IMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="2050" y1="1800" x2="2050" y2="1300" net="IMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="2050" y1="1300" x2="1950" y2="1300" net="IMAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1000" y1="1450" x2="1000" y2="950" net="A15VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="650" y1="1600" x2="650" y2="750" net="IMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="650" y1="750" x2="750" y2="750" net="IMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="750" y1="750" x2="750" y2="650" net="IMAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="1600" x2="550" y2="1350" net="IDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="1350" x2="575" y2="1325" net="IDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="575" y1="1325" x2="575" y2="1275" net="IDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="575" y1="1275" x2="550" y2="1250" net="IDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="1250" x2="550" y2="700" net="IDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="700" x2="650" y2="600" net="IDAMP-_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="500" x2="1850" y2="400" net="B15VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="400" y1="1300" x2="475" y2="1375" net="VMAMPO_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="1375" x2="475" y2="1700" net="VMAMPO_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="1700" x2="650" y2="1700" net="VMAMPO_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1450" y1="1700" x2="1450" y2="1500" net="VMAMPO_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="1000" x2="1350" y2="900" net="EEP3_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="750" y1="800" x2="750" y2="1150" net="EEP3_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="100" x2="1850" y2="200" net="C15VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1000" y1="350" x2="1000" y2="600" net="C15VR_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="200" x2="1150" y2="100" net="$$$5798" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="200" x2="1150" y2="200" net="$$$5798" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="400" x2="350" y2="350" net="IAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="350" x2="350" y2="200" net="IAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="200" x2="650" y2="200" net="IAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="650" y1="200" x2="950" y2="200" net="IAMP+_1" layer="BOTTOM"/>
<trace x1="0" y1="0" x2="0" y2="2125" net="" layer="BOTTOM" silk="true"/>
<trace x1="0" y1="2125" x2="2375" y2="2125" net="" layer="BOTTOM" silk="true"/>
<trace x1="2375" y1="2125" x2="2375" y2="0" net="" layer="BOTTOM" silk="true"/>
<trace x1="2375" y1="0" x2="0" y2="0" net="" layer="BOTTOM" silk="true"/>
<trace x1="1650" y1="600" x2="2050" y2="600" net="***000001" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="950" y1="2000" x2="950" y2="1890" net="IMAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="950" y1="1890" x2="300" y2="1890" net="IMAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="1890" x2="300" y2="1800" net="IMAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="1800" x2="200" y2="1800" net="IMAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="1700" x2="350" y2="1750" net="IMAMPG+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="1750" x2="950" y2="1750" net="IMAMPG+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="1700" x2="300" y2="1700" net="IMAMPG+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="1600" x2="100" y2="1600" net="IDAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="100" y1="1600" x2="100" y2="1800" net="IDAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="100" y1="1800" x2="250" y2="1950" net="IDAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="250" y1="1950" x2="750" y2="1950" net="IDAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="750" y1="1950" x2="750" y2="2000" net="IDAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="1600" x2="200" y2="1600" net="IDAMPG-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="750" y1="1500" x2="700" y2="1450" net="IDAMPG+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="700" y1="1450" x2="350" y2="1450" net="IDAMPG+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="1450" x2="300" y2="1500" net="IDAMPG+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="1500" x2="200" y2="1500" net="IDAMPG+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="2000" x2="1650" y2="2000" net="VDAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1650" y1="2000" x2="1650" y2="1925" net="VDAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1650" y1="1925" x2="1050" y2="1925" net="VDAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1950" y1="2000" x2="1850" y2="2000" net="VDAMP-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1250" y1="2000" x2="1150" y2="2000" net="VMAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1450" y1="2000" x2="1350" y2="2000" net="VMAMP-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1100" y1="1150" x2="975" y2="1150" net="EEP1_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="975" y1="1150" x2="975" y2="1100" net="EEP1_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="975" y1="1100" x2="575" y2="1100" net="EEP1_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="575" y1="1100" x2="575" y2="1150" net="EEP1_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="575" y1="1150" x2="200" y2="1150" net="EEP1_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="1150" x2="200" y2="1200" net="EEP1_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1250" y1="900" x2="1250" y2="850" net="EEP2_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1250" y1="850" x2="700" y2="850" net="EEP2_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="700" y1="1250" x2="300" y2="1250" net="EEP2_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="1250" x2="300" y2="1200" net="EEP2_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="1100" x2="200" y2="1050" net="EEP4_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="1050" x2="475" y2="1050" net="EEP4_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="1050" x2="475" y2="1000" net="EEP4_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="1000" x2="1075" y2="1000" net="EEP4_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1075" y1="1000" x2="1075" y2="1050" net="EEP4_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1075" y1="1050" x2="1450" y2="1050" net="EEP4_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1450" y1="1050" x2="1450" y2="1000" net="EEP4_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="500" y1="1300" x2="500" y2="1350" net="A+5VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="500" y1="1350" x2="800" y2="1350" net="A+5VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="800" y1="1350" x2="800" y2="1400" net="A+5VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="800" y1="1400" x2="1450" y2="1400" net="A+5VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1450" y1="1400" x2="1450" y2="1300" net="A+5VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1950" y1="800" x2="1950" y2="700" net="IMEAS+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1950" y1="700" x2="1550" y2="700" net="IMEAS+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1550" y1="700" x2="1550" y2="750" net="IMEAS+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1550" y1="750" x2="600" y2="750" net="IMEAS+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="600" y1="750" x2="600" y2="850" net="IMEAS+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="600" y1="850" x2="350" y2="850" net="IMEAS+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="350" y1="850" x2="300" y2="800" net="IMEAS+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="400" x2="1150" y2="400" net="VAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="400" x2="1150" y2="475" net="VAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="475" x2="525" y2="475" net="VAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="525" y1="475" x2="525" y2="550" net="VAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="525" y1="550" x2="250" y2="550" net="VAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="250" y1="550" x2="200" y2="600" net="VAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="650" y1="400" x2="475" y2="400" net="VDOUT_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="400" x2="475" y2="450" net="VDOUT_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="450" x2="250" y2="450" net="VDOUT_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="250" y1="450" x2="200" y2="500" net="VDOUT_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="650" y1="100" x2="200" y2="100" net="IDOUT_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="200" y1="100" x2="200" y2="300" net="IDOUT_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="2150" y1="800" x2="2150" y2="375" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="2150" y1="375" x2="2050" y2="375" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="2050" y1="375" x2="2050" y2="25" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="2050" y1="25" x2="825" y2="25" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="825" y1="25" x2="825" y2="275" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="825" y1="275" x2="550" y2="275" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="275" x2="550" y2="225" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="225" x2="300" y2="225" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="300" y1="225" x2="300" y2="300" net="IDACO+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="400" y1="1800" x2="2050" y2="1800" net="IMAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="1500" x2="1850" y2="1300" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="1500" x2="1850" y2="1500" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="1300" x2="1850" y2="1150" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="1150" x2="2250" y2="1150" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="2250" y1="1150" x2="2250" y2="800" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="1500" x2="1750" y2="1450" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="1450" x2="1350" y2="1450" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="1450" x2="1350" y2="1500" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="1500" x2="1250" y2="1500" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="1500" x2="1350" y2="1450" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="1450" x2="1000" y2="1450" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1000" y1="950" x2="400" y2="950" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="400" y1="950" x2="400" y2="1000" net="A15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="400" y1="1700" x2="550" y2="1700" net="IMAMP-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="1700" x2="650" y2="1600" net="IMAMP-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="750" y1="650" x2="925" y2="650" net="IMAMP-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="925" y1="650" x2="925" y2="700" net="IMAMP-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="925" y1="700" x2="1150" y2="700" net="IMAMP-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="400" y1="1600" x2="550" y2="1600" net="IDAMP-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="650" y1="700" x2="550" y2="700" net="IMEAS-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="700" x2="550" y2="800" net="IMEAS-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="550" y1="800" x2="400" y2="800" net="IMEAS-_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="2250" y1="1300" x2="2150" y2="1300" net="IDAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="2150" y1="1300" x2="2150" y2="1625" net="IDAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="2150" y1="1625" x2="775" y2="1625" net="IDAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="775" y1="1625" x2="650" y2="1500" net="IDAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="650" y1="1500" x2="400" y2="1500" net="IDAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1950" y1="1500" x2="1950" y2="1575" net="VDAMPO_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1950" y1="1575" x2="825" y2="1575" net="VDAMPO_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="825" y1="1575" x2="825" y2="1450" net="VDAMPO_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="825" y1="1450" x2="750" y2="1450" net="VDAMPO_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="750" y1="1450" x2="750" y2="1400" net="VDAMPO_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="750" y1="1400" x2="400" y2="1400" net="VDAMPO_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="400" y1="600" x2="575" y2="600" net="B15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="575" y1="600" x2="575" y2="525" net="B15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="575" y1="525" x2="1250" y2="525" net="B15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1250" y1="525" x2="1250" y2="600" net="B15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1250" y1="600" x2="1550" y2="600" net="B15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1550" y1="600" x2="1550" y2="500" net="B15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1550" y1="500" x2="1850" y2="500" net="B15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="650" y1="1700" x2="1450" y2="1700" net="VMAMPO_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="900" x2="1350" y2="800" net="EEP3_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1350" y1="800" x2="750" y2="800" net="EEP3_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="750" y1="1150" x2="625" y2="1150" net="EEP3_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="625" y1="1150" x2="625" y2="1200" net="EEP3_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="625" y1="1200" x2="400" y2="1200" net="EEP3_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1650" y1="1300" x2="1650" y2="1200" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1650" y1="1200" x2="1150" y2="1200" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="1200" x2="1150" y2="1300" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="1300" x2="1150" y2="1100" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1150" y1="1100" x2="1025" y2="1100" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1025" y1="1100" x2="1025" y2="1050" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1025" y1="1050" x2="525" y2="1050" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="525" y1="1050" x2="525" y2="1100" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="525" y1="1100" x2="400" y2="1100" net="A+5V_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="200" x2="1750" y2="200" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="200" x2="1750" y2="350" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="350" x2="1000" y2="350" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1000" y1="600" x2="1150" y2="600" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1850" y1="200" x2="1750" y2="200" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="200" x2="1750" y2="350" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1750" y1="350" x2="1000" y2="350" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1000" y1="350" x2="475" y2="350" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="350" x2="475" y2="300" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="475" y1="300" x2="400" y2="300" net="C15VR_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="950" y1="200" x2="950" y2="275" net="IAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="950" y1="275" x2="1250" y2="275" net="IAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1250" y1="275" x2="1250" y2="100" net="IAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="1250" y1="100" x2="1350" y2="100" net="IAMP+_1" layer="TOP"/>
<trace x1="0" y1="0" x2="0" y2="2125" net="" layer="TOP" silk="true"/>
<trace x1="0" y1="2125" x2="2375" y2="2125" net="" layer="TOP" silk="true"/>
<trace x1="2375" y1="2125" x2="2375" y2="0" net="" layer="TOP" silk="true"/>
<trace x1="2375" y1="0" x2="0" y2="0" net="" layer="TOP" silk="true"/>


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